The Royal Institution – 12 March 2019

Since 1799, the Royal Institution (Ri) has helped the pubic explore and form opinions about issues that matter to them. As a specialist in the production and dissemination of scientific content, the Ri curates over 80 dramatic science engagement events each year to capture the imagination and curiosity of the general population – whether through their intellectually stimulating events on cutting edge science and technology or their world-famous Christmas lectures.

The Ri’s eminent scientists made discoveries that have shaped the modern world: Humphry Davy’s miners’ safety lamp; Michael Faraday’s work on electromagnetic induction; and John Tyndall’s discovery of the greenhouse effect. Michael Faraday’s laboratory can still be viewed at the Ri, complete with a huge range of his artefacts.

We are very excited that in 2019 the Ri and the Faraday Institution will be co-curating three thought-leadership events on the future of battery technology, which will be open to the general public. These will be held at 7 – 8.30 pm in the iconic Ri lecture theatre on the following days:

The Battery - Inside Out

What is a battery? How does a modern battery work? What materials are used in the latest batteries? What are the geopolitical issues around sourcing materials from different countries? How can battery manufacture become more sustainable? These questions and many more will be answered by our panel of experts: 

  • Dr Patrick Vallance, Government Chief Scientific Adviser (Chair)
  • Judith Richardson, Purchasing Director for Electric Propulsion Systems at JLR
  • Prof Serena Corr, University of Sheffield
  • Simon Moores, MD of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence
  • Prof Dave Greenwood, Warwick Manufacturing Group

Tickets for the March event can be purchased via the Ri website.

Photo credits: Paul Clarke (top) and Paul Wilkinson.

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