Characterisation call

This call invites proposals from researchers interested in research projects to develop battery related characterisation analytical techniques and capabilities.

This call is expected to lead to new characterisation and analytical techniques which will have the effect of strengthening the UK’s leading position in electrochemical energy storage technology, providing our battery researchers with world leading methods and capabilities to advance their research. In short, we are looking for a revolution in battery research and a “business as usual” approach will not be deemed sufficient.

UK industry requires improvements in energy density, power density, cost, safety, lifetime, predictability and recycling of batteries to realise the improvements necessary to mainstream new battery-based technologies. Proposals must clearly identify how new characterisation techniques and capabilities would support this objective.

Projects need to have a 21-month duration. An amount of £2 million is available for up to four awards.

Applicants intending to submit a proposal must indicate a desire to do so no later than 16:00 on Thursday 14th March 2019 via the SmartSurvey link on the call page. Proposals are required to be submitted by 16.00 on 4th April 2019 using the Research Councils’ Joint electronic Submission (Je-S) System.

The proposals will be invited and assessed by an independent expert panel. A final recommendation for funding will be made by the CEO, Faraday Institution to the Board of Trustees.

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