Battery Characterisation

Battery-focused characterisation and analytical techniques to provide UK battery researchers with world-leading tools to accelerate the development of their understanding of battery materials and enable scientific breakthroughs that will ultimately improve the performance of electric vehicles.

The Faraday Institution awarded a total of £2 million to three UK-based consortia in July 2019 that will enhance the ability of UK researchers to see deep inside batteries while they operate in real time. These new tools will help researchers develop next-generation batteries, as the UK works to electrify the automotive sector and decarbonise transport.

The projects target advanced technique development across small, medium and large-scale user facilities to support structural and mechanistic understanding of a wide range of battery chemistries, not limited to those currently being investigated by the Faraday Institution.


The characterisation projects will promote widespread access to the new ground-breaking capabilities to battery researchers working on other Faraday Institution projects, elsewhere in the UK, and internationally.

To be kept informed of their outcome please contact Project Manager Craig Chapling.


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