2019 PhD Studentships

The Faraday Institution funds universities to recruit students to become part of the Faraday Institution PhD programme, with cohort intakes in 2018, 2019 and 2020. The Faraday Institution will fund 13 studentships in 2019, and eligibility for students is as for UKRI studentships. The students receive an enhanced stipend over and above the usual EPSRC offer. This is around £20,000 (plus London weighting where appropriate) and a generous package to cover training costs. Recipients will have access to multiple networking opportunities, industry visits, a mentor, internships as well as quality experiences that will further develop knowledge, skills and aspirations.

Host institutions are beginning to publicise the PhD opportunities available starting in the autumn of 2019:

University of Birmingham, "Developing manufacturing strategies to deliver high performance cathode materials utilising recycled materials"

University of Birmingham, "A fully funded Faraday Institution studentship (PhD) in robotic manipulation"

University of Southampton, "In operando detection of gas evolution from lithium batteries"

University of Oxford, "Li and Na wetting of cathode ceramics"

University of Oxford, "New approaches to the cathode-solid electrolyte interface in the manufacturing of solid-state batteries"

University of Manchester, "Mapping the chemical, electronic and ionic properties of high-capacity cathode materials"

University of Oxford, "Nonlinear Frequency Analysis of Lithium-ion Batteries"

Applicants should contact the host institutions directly for further details. 

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