Our “Faraday Insights” provide an evidence-based assessment of the market, economics, technology and capabilities for energy storage technologies and the transition to a fully electric UK. The insights are concise briefings that aim to help bridge knowledge gaps across industry, academia and government. Published every two months the publications will be prepared by authors from across the Faraday Institution network and coordinated by Stephen Gifford, Head of Economics and Market Insights. The initial series of publications will focus on the electrification of transport.

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Published Insights

The road to electrification – from the internal combustion engine to the battery electric vehicle.

All around the world, markets are transitioning from the internal combustion engine to electric vehicles (EVs). The UK is at the forefront of this push for the electrification of road transport. By 2030, the Faraday Institution expects that 64% of new cars bought in the UK will be EVs. Three-quarters of these will be battery EVs and one-quarter plug-in hybrids.

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Future Insights

We are planning to publish Faraday Insights in the following areas over the coming months:

  • Gigafactories. “What is the potential for battery cell manufacture in UK? What is the economic impact of battery cell manufacture?”
  • UK charging infrastructure. “Will there be enough charging points in the UK to overcome range anxiety?” “Does the grid have enough capacity to support the transition to EVs?”
  • Battery management. “When will batteries be fully recyclable in the UK?”
  • Skills requirements for a gigafactory. “What skills are needed to power a new battery production industry in the UK?”
  • Battery technology (vs petrol and diesel). “How does a battery work?” “Why do batteries fail?”
  • Raw materials. “Will the UK have a sustainable and ethically-sourced supply chain for battery production?”


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