Summer Internships


Each year, our Faraday Undergraduate Student Experiences (FUSE) programme provides 32 undergraduate students with the opportunity to take part in an 8-week paid internship at one of our partner universities. Participating universities construct project research topics that connect to the overall Faraday Institution research project and select their intern on a competitive basis from a diverse pool of applicants. Working alongside a supervisor, students have access to other research scientists and unique facilities as well as the chance to participate in hands-on energy storage research activities. At the end of the summer, and with the assistance of their supervisor, each intern will prepare a poster covering their research. Students may be invited to present their research poster at a session at a Faraday Institution research project programme review.

The 2019 research topics for summer internships are listed below. Applications are now closed.

University Research topic Supervisor(s)


University Topic Supervisor
University of Leicester Protocol for testing the recyclability of novel binder systems Andy Abbott, Karl Ryder
University of Leicester Protocol for testing the recyclability of novel binder systems Andy Abbott, Karl Ryder
Newcastle University Data gathering and analysis for lithium-ion batteries Mohammad Ali Rajaeifar, Oliver Heidrich
University of Birmingham Development of in situ characaterisation of battery electrodes Daniel Reed
University of Birmingham Recycling of Lithium Ion Battery Anode Materials Gary Leeke
University of Birmingham Characterisation and reuse of anode materials from used cells Paul Anderson, Peter Slater, Phoebe Allan
University of Birmingham Electrochemical studies of end-of-life and recycled materials Phoebe Allan
University of Birmingham Developing tools for robot arms for various battery dismembing activities Alireza Rastegarpanah
University of Birmingham Historical analysis of the price and supply of important materials for EV batteries from a commercial database Robert Elliott, Marco Barassi
University of Oxford Ionic liquid coatings for tuning interfacial impedance Charles Monroe
University of Oxford Multiscale mechanical testing of solid state battery components Ed Darnbrough, David Armstrong
University of Oxford Fabrication and characterisation of thin film solid electrolytes for all solid state batteries Chris Grovenor, Stefanie Zekoll
University of Oxford Lithium plating in anode-less hybrid solid-liquid electrolyte cells Mauro Pasta, Zachary Brown
University of Liverpool Experimental investigation of promising Li super ionic conductors Matt Rosseinsky
University of Liverpool Introducing defects into a promising solid state electrolyte Matthew Dyer
University of Sheffield Enhancement of gravimetric and volumetric energy densities of sulphide-based bulk solid-state batteries Hany El-Shinawi, Serena Corr
University of Oxford Ceramic solid electrolyte / polymer composite cathode interfaces in all solid state lithium and sodium batteries Peter Bruce
University of Lancaster Scaling up entropy profiling from lab scale to applicaation Michael Mercer, Harry Hoster
Imperial College London Imperial racing green electric quadbike powertrain testing Alexis Ihracska
University of Birmingham The effect of manufacturing processes upon the parameterisation of multi-physics battery models Emma Kendrick, Brij Kishore, Lin Chen
Imperial College London Machine learning methods for reducing the cost of battery lifetime prediction Sam Cooper
University of Bath Theoretical investigation on the stability and Na ion transport mechanisms in NaxTiS2 materials Mazharul M Islam
Imperial College London Investigating the effects of thermal gradients on lithium-ion packs when balancing Greg Offer, Yatish Patel
University of Lancaster Impact of cycling history on Lithium-ion batteries under thermap-pressure controlled environment: a high precision charge counting approach Alana Aragon Zulke, Harry Hoster
University of Bath Structure prediction of cation-disordered lithium-rich anion-redox cathodes Ben Morgan
University of Cambridge Surface protection of Na anode for Na-ion batteries Clare Grey
University of Nottingham Interrogation of the solid electrolyte interphase using electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance Lee Johnson
University of Cambridge Exploring local changes in magnetism in electrodes using NV curves Sian Dutton, Mete Atature, Dhiren Kara, Paromita Mukherjee
University of Sheffield Determining the magnetic properties and cycling behavior of aliovalently substitued NMC-811 Serena Corr, Naresh Gollapally, Eddie Cussen, Sian Dutton, Paromita Mukherjee
University College London Nano-dilatometry to examine dimensional change in Li-ion batteries Dan Brett
University of Southampton Electrochemical behaviour of state of the art lithium ion battery materials Nuria Garcia Araez
University of Nottingham Studying solid-electrolyte interphases in situ using scanning electrochemical microscopy Darren Walsh


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