Round 2 projects

In addition to its research projects that began early in 2018, the Faraday Institution will be launching projects in four additional research areas in the autumn of 2019. Up to £12 million per annum per award is available as part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund - Faraday Battery Challenge. The call for proposals from researcher consortia is now closed. We expect to announce the projects chosen in August. The following four award areas were identified through a set of five regional workshops attended by around 200 people from industry, policy and academia:

Li-on Cathode_icon

Next Generation Li-ion Cathode Materials

Electrode Manufacturing

Next Generation Na-ion Batteries

Alternative Cell Chemistries Beyond Li-ion

The projects chosen will be from multi-disciplinary consortia directed to carrying out fundamental research at scale that will "move the dial" of knowledge and understanding in addressing the specific issues within the topics defined above. It is anticipated that experts from outside the battery field will form part of each project. Each project will be led by a Principal Investigator who is an internationally recognised leader in the field and supported by a Project Leader with experience of delivering research and who will have daily responsibility for driving the research forward. Subject to the outcome of a comprehensive spending review the projects will run for 48-months.


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