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7Li NMR Chemical Shift Imaging To Detect Microstructural Growth of Lithium in All-Solid-State Batteries, Lauren E. Marbella, Stefanie Zekoll, Jitti Kasemchainan, Steffen P. Emge, Peter G. Bruce, and Clare P. Grey Chem. Mater.20193182762-2769 DOI - 10.1021/acs.chemmater.8b04875

What Triggers Oxygen Loss in Oxygen Redox Cathode Materials? Robert A. House, Urmimala Maitra, Liyu Jin, Juan G. Lozano, James W. Somerville, Nicholas H. Rees, Andrew J. Naylor, Laurent C. Duda, Felix Massel, Alan V. Chadwick, Silvia Ramos, David M. Pickup, Daniel E. McNally, Xingye Lu, Thorsten Schmitt, Matthew R. Roberts, and Peter G. Bruce Chem. Mater.20193193293-3300 DOI - 10.1021/acs.chemmater.9b00227

Nature of the “Z”-phase in Layered Na-ion Battery Cathodes, James W. Somerville, Adam Sobkowiak, Nuria Tapia-Ruiz, Juliette Billaud, Juan G. Lozano, Robert A. House, Leighanne C. Gallington, Tore Ericsson, Lennart Häggström, Matthew R. Roberts, Urmimala Maitra and Peter G. Bruce Energy and Environmental Science DOI - 10.1039/C8EE02991A


Spatially Resolving Lithiation in Silicon–Graphite Composite Electrodes via in Situ High-Energy X-ray Diffraction Computed Tomography, Donal P. Finegan, Antonis Vamvakeros, Lei Cao, Chun Tan, Thomas M. M. Heenan, Sohrab R. Daemi, Simon D. M. Jacques, Andrew M. Beale, Marco Di Michiel, Kandler Smith, Dan J. L. Brett Paul R. Shearing, and Chunmei Ban, Nano Letters 2019 19 (6), 3811-3820. DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.

Multi-scale Modelling

The effect of cell-to-cell variations and thermal gradients on the performance and degradation of Li-ion battery packs, Xinhua Liu, Weilong Ai, Max Naylor Marlow, Yatish Patel, Billy Wu, Applied Energy, Volume 248, pp 489-499.

Incorporating Dendrite Growth into Continuum Models of Electrolytes: Insights from NMR Measurements and Inverse Modelling, Athinthra K. Sethurajan, Jamie M. Foster, Giles Richardson, Sergey A. Krachkovskiy, J. David Bazak, Gillian R. Goward and Bartosz Protas, J. Electrochem. Soc. 2019 166(8): A1591-A1602.


The recent ReLiB newsletter, compiled by Amina Benyahia, contains a highly useful list of academic papers and news articles relevant to Faraday Institution researchers.

Faraday Institution Meeting with Nature

On 16 May, members of FIHQ and the project PIs (with Paul Shearing representing the multi-scale modelling project) met with seven editors from the Nature research journals with a strong interest in energy-related matters, a Nature journalist and a member of their comment and opinion team. This round-table discussion on research questions, goals and community issues in the energy storage space proved to be a highly useful forum for building two-way relationships and a deeper understanding within Nature of our research themes.

We identified a couple of areas (including lithium ion battery recycling policy and legislation) where they would be very interested in us writing a comments piece. They mentioned several times how receptive they were for the battery research community to pitch ideas for such pieces. We’d encourage you to do so. Contact Matt Howard or Louise Gould if you would like to discuss your ideas.


Congratulations to:

  • Greg Offer, Imperial College London and PI for the multi-scale modelling project, for receiving the College’s President’s Award for Excellence in Education 2019.
  • Clare Grey, University of Cambridge and PI for the battery degradation project, who won the 2019 Royal Society of Chemistry Goodenough Award for pioneering and innovative uses of magnetic resonance methods to study structure and dynamics in electrochemical devices.


If you haven’t already signed up to, please do so here. We are currently working with project coordinators to migrate resources held elsewhere to this system.


APC Report

On April 30 the APC launched a report examining the UK Chemical Supply Chain for Battery Manufacture, which found that the UK chemical sector could capture a £4.8bn per annum market share by 2030, meeting the needs of UK-built vehicles.

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