Masterclasses and Faraday TECH courses – July 2020

Faraday Masterclasses

Opportunity knocked to boost the Faraday Institution’s training offer when lockdown hit. Four months on and we have regularly had 120 – 230 attendees tuning in each week for our Masterclass series to engage with an array of expert presenters from our community and beyond on topics including imaging, materials discovery, NMR, recycling, IP, scientific paper writing and diversity. Thank you to you all for contributing, showing up and making this initiative such a success.

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We will be taking a break in August. Watch this space for news of future dates.

Faraday Masterclass 15

Faraday TECH

Adapting to this new work environment we launched a new Faraday TECH series. Today, we have built a bank of in-depth workshops on specialist skills, facilities, equipment and techniques, relevant to battery research including a number on characterisation techniques, IP, scientific writing, modelling and NMR, with more in the pipeline. The Faraday TECH workshops aim to enhance the expertise of early career researchers and strengthen collaborations and access to experts and national facilities. Many thanks to training partners (especially Professor Nigel Browning for leading the way) and organisations including the Imaging Centre at Liverpool, the UK High-Field Solid-State NMR Facility and the Henry Royce Institute.

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Nature Masterclasses

In one of the early Faraday TECH series it was a pleasure to work with Nature to adapt their existing in-person workshops in scientific writing and publishing into a series of virtual webinars to train 30 of our battery research community. This course quickly became fully booked. The initiative has been featured in a case study on Nature’s website. If there is sufficient interest from the community and we can fill the spaces, we may look to run this series again. A free sample of the Scientific Writing and Publishing module is available online as well as a course on Peer Review.

“The Masterclass taught us how to clearly and concisely communicate our science to capture a wider audience. Using several case studies we were shown the ‘dos and don’ts’ in the art of abstract writing. The one-to-one abstract review session gave me the opportunity to get constructive criticism from someone who is familiar with both writing and science. The course has provided me with many insights to apply to my own research.” -Attendee

Intellectual Property 101 with Mathys & Squire

As part of the Faraday TECH training series for IP identification and strategy, Mathys & Squire provided a series of webinars, discussing the essential points to consider when it comes to your technology – from getting a patent granted, to IP valuation and commercialisation. Partner Anna Gregson kicked off the series with an IP masterclass, breaking down what is meant by ‘IP’; identifying different IP in everyday objects, as well as how you could spot IP in your invention. Her session was followed by three deeper dive sessions.

Session 1: Introduction to patents

In this session, partner Michael Stott introduced the basic elements of a patent, the process for obtaining a granted patent and the requirements for an invention to be patentable. He answered questions such as: ‘What is a patent (and why might you want one)?’; ‘What can and can’t be patented?’; and ‘How do you apply for a patent?’ (from filing to grant).

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IP flyer

Session 2: Working with your IP advisers towards high quality patents

In this webinar, partner Peter Gray explained the purpose and requirements of patent claims, as well as how to guide a patent application through to grant in a way that best suits your individual needs. Using a fictitious example relating to a simple battery technology, Peter put the patent journey into context for listeners.

To download the webinar recording, please click here.

Session 3: IP from a commercial perspective

The final session was presented by Dr Anthony Coleman, IP valuation specialist from Mathys & Squire's sister firm, Coller IP. Using the battery industry as a broad example, the webinar covered key aspects of IP commercialisation including identification of suitable licensees and potential development partners.

To download the webinar recording, please click here.

Mathys & Squire website.

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