Graduate & Postdoctoral

The Faraday Institution will deliver a comprehensive training programme via its partner universities encompassing PhD training and CPD (for industry and academia) across technical, commercial and transferrable skills. This will address the skills shortage for the planned expansion in the UK battery capability and will leverage the extensive training portfolio already delivered by the host institutes.

Training Champions
The FI has appointed academic and industrial training champions to work with the HQ to develop and monitor an effective training programme.

  • Dr Paul Shearing, UCL
  • Dr Serena Corr, Glasgow
  • Prof Andy Cruden, Southampton
  • Jo Lopes, Jaguar Land Rover

Curriculum Map
A key task of the Faraday Institution from inception will be the identification of a comprehensive curriculum map, and in consultation with industry to identify gaps. To ensure effective delivery of the Faraday Battery Challenge, we consider commercial and transferable skills as integral to the skills portfolio.

The Institution will develop the curriculum map for the UK, and will perform a gap analysis to identify under serviced areas and subsequently a market analysis to prioritise need.

PhD Cluster
A ‘PhD Cluster’ has been established, associated with the fast start research projects to manage the distribution of PhD places, and will deliver the commensurate PhD level training through our training portfolio in parallel with CPD and industry training. This will consist of 10 students and a further 3 sets of 10 students will be added to the cohort over the following 3 years.

The fast start project PI will have the capability to bid for additional PhD project funding. Following negotiation with the HQ, these PhDs can be allocated by agreement between the project PI and the Expert Panel, to universities conducting research aligned with the research challenge, although not limited to the challenge co-investigators. In this way, we aim to promote inclusivity whilst maintain research funding in priority, challenge areas. Initial calls for proposals have been issued and received from fast start projects

Up to 18 weeks training will be provided over a 4 year PhD, some of which will be compulsory, but we anticipate sufficient breadth in our training portfolio to enable some flexibility.


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