What does it Mean to be a Faraday Institution Researcher?

We would like to empower all Faraday Institution researchers to represent our community at every available opportunity (including conferences). Please consider the following:

Business Cards

We’ve set up an online facility so that any Faraday Institution researcher that wishes to have a business card in Faraday Institution format can do so. Nita Martin, Jacqueline Edge, Amina Benyahia and Daniel Hambridge have login details. We would request that all PLs and PIs and anyone else who is presenting research carried out as part of our projects at conferences order a Faraday Institution business card. ReLiB researchers that have double-sided business cards are welcome to keep using those.

LinkedIn and Other Social Media Platforms

We ask that all members of our community update their LinkedIn profiles (and other social media profiles if used) to include their affiliation to the Faraday Institution. Examples for the suggested format of job titles in LinkedIn are:

  • Faraday Institution Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham
  • Faraday Institution PhD Researcher at the University of Oxford
  • Professor of Chemical Engineering at University College London and Faraday Institution Co-Investigator
  • Reader in Chemistry at Imperial College London and Faraday Institution Principal Investigator

On your Linkedln profile please also add to your “experience” section to reflect your Faraday Institution role. This will enable the Faraday Institution logo to appear at the top right-hand side of the page alongside your institution. 

Please also follow the Faraday Institution on LinkedIn and Twitter. We encourage you to share / retweet Faraday Institution social media posts to your own networks whenever appropriate. We will be posting PDRA job opportunities for round 2 projects on LinkedIn later in the year and so would like to grow our following on that platform. That will help community efforts to attract the highest quality candidates to those positions.


You will find a copy of the standard Faraday Institution introductory presentation and a single slide introducing the organisation in the files section of faraday.community. Please use and adapt these resources as appropriate.

Thank you in advance for being an ambassador for the Faraday Institution and helping our community and projects gain the visibility they deserve.

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Louise Gould is a marketing and communications professional who has centred her career around technology-based organisations. She joined the Faraday Institution after 5 years as Marketing Communications Manager at the renewable fuels company Velocys. View her biography here https://faraday.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/Louise-Gould-Nov-2018.pdf


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