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Details of recent and forthcoming events attended by members of the Faraday Institution. 


Input Requested from the Community

November 2019 Review Meeting

Our thanks to Monica Marinescu (Imperial, Multi-scale Modelling), Colin Johnston (SOLBAT, Oxford), Nuria Garcia-Araez (Southampton, Degradation) and Simon Lambert (Newcastle, ReLiB) who agreed to join our working group to plan the programme for the Faraday Institution project review meeting / conference on 19-20 November 2019. We anticipate inviting ~20 researchers from each project to this meeting so please hold the dates in your diary. Members of the working group are currently asking for input from project members on the panel subjects we should develop for the event and speakers we should invite. Please contribute to the process by contacting your project representative. The November review meeting will be held at The Slate in Warwick.

Speaking at a Conference?

Do let us know. We’d be particularly interested in hearing from researchers who present on topics related to battery research aimed at sectors other than automotive.


We’d be interested to hear feedback from researchers that attended / presented at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) in San Diego on 24-27 June. Is this an event we should be working to have a more coordinated Faraday Institution presence at in future years? Please email Louise Gould with your feedback.

Cenex LCV

The Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle event is being held in Millbrook, Bedfordshire on 4-5 September. This is a high-level event that attracts government ministers, high-level representatives from industry organisations and a large press contingent. There will, once again, be a Faraday Battery Challenge stand at the event. The Advanced Propulsion Centre is developing the content for the ‘Future of Technology Presentation Zone’ on the Government Pavilion (close to our stand), featuring a range of technologies being developed in the UK. Faraday Institution researchers are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (by 28th June) to present a 10-minute high level talk about their research, its aim and potential impact.

If you have interesting looking items representative of your research that could be placed on plinths on our stand (at this and other events) to attract people’s attention and get them engaging with Faraday Institution representatives, please let Louise Gould know.

Royal Institution Events

Excerpts of our public outreach event, “The Battery - Inside Out!” held at the Royal Institution (Ri) in March have been uploaded to the Royal Institution Youtube channel. Watch now (54,000 people viewed the video within the first five days of it being on line.) Please help us drive more members of the general public to the video – particularly young people interested in STEM and/or thinking of pursuing a career in battery research. This includes undergraduates thinking about next steps.

Our Ri event in June, “How Will Batteries Change Our World?” was another resounding success. Our thanks to speakers Colin Herron of Zero Carbon Futures, Peter Stephens of Nissan, Jo Coleman of Shell, Vicky Edmonds of OLEV and event chair Alok Jha of The Economist for their contributions in making the event so enjoyable and engaging.

We’re looking forward to our third and final Ri event, “The Future of Mobility” on the 10 September. It will feature Robert Llewellyn (of Fully Charged, Scrapheap Challenge and Red Dwarf), Alison Park of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Christian Bedford of Williams Advanced Engineering and Michael Steinberg of the Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. We will again be offering early career scientists free tickets to the event. If you’re interested in attending, please contact us. For others, tickets can be purchased here.

Take a look at the video of Saiful Islam’s discourse, “How Materials Science Can Help Create a Greener Future,” held at the Ri in January.

ReLiB Project Meeting

Thank you to Amina for this contribution:

On 24 May, we held our first bi-monthly ReLiB Researcher Meet Up. This was an opportunity for the entire ReLiB research cohort (PDRAs & PhDs) to meet one another, share updates on their work and explore collaboration opportunities across work streams. Virginia Echavarri-Bravo of Edinburgh University very kindly hosted us and gave us a tour of her research facilities. The next such meeting for the ReLiB team will be on 29-30 July in Cardiff.

Zubera Iqbal (University of Birmingham) who attended the event commented, “The Edinburgh meeting was a great chance to meet researchers across the ReLiB group and learn about the latest developments in each area. I met many people who I'm currently in discussions with to pursue further collaborations for research as well as getting to know about events/papers I could attend/read. Overall, I think the event was a great success. I thank all the organisers who were part of making it happen.”

Other Past Events

Neil Morris, CEO of the Faraday Institution, presented at the following recent events:

Stephen Gifford, Head of Economics and Market Insights, represented the Faraday Institution for the first time at the SMMT Open Forum, 4 June, in Birmingham, where he presented the results of the EV economics study to an audience of over 200 automotive suppliers.

Ian Ellerington, Head of Technology Transfer, recently presented at:

Allan Paterson, Head of Programme Management, attended the Society of Motor Engineers of Japan exhibition on 22-24 May in Yokohama. He also met with several Japanese research institutes involved with battery research during his trip to Japan. 

On the 26 March, Rob Elliott from the University of Birmingham organised a workshop to which he invited colleagues and industry partners to explore, “The Birth, Life, Second-Life and Death of Electric Vehicles.” ReLiB researchers Jean-Paul Skeete, Viet Tien and Gavin Harper delivered presentations on their areas of research.

On the 22 May, Ferran Brosa Planella, a Faraday Institution Research Fellow at the University of Warwick, gave a talk at the Pint of Science in Coventry. We’d encourage other researchers to take part in other such public outreach events.


Future Events

Neil Morris will present at the high-profile Oxford EV Summit later this week.

Following a suggestion from Argonne National Labs, Gavin Harper (COI on the ReLiB project) has been invited to be a panel member at the NaatBatt workshop on lithium ion battery recycling in Buffalo on 9-10 July. This is a good example of forging international links and developing an international reputation for the Faraday Institution – something that we are encouraging.

Gavin will also speak at The Energy Consortium’s conference, “Energy & education connected - collaboration, transparency and performance” on 27 June in Birmingham. The morning sessions will focus on change and disruption within the energy sector, with a glimpse into future regulation & policy.

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