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Details of recent and forthcoming events at which members of the Faraday Institution participated or are organising.

University of Oxford Battery Modelling Symposium

Faraday Institution researchers Dave Howey, Charles Monroe, Colin Please and Jon Champan are organising the second annual Oxford Battery Modelling Symposium at Pembroke College in Oxford on 16th-17th March 2020. Website. They write:

In 2019 over 170 battery modelling researchers from academia and industry came together in a friendly and inclusive environment at the first Oxford Battery Modelling Symposium to discuss the latest findings in our field. We initiated the event to bring together mathematicians, chemists, physicists and engineers working in this field, so that we could learn from each other, discuss best practice, and provide excellent networking opportunities.

The popularity of the event was reflected in the number of high profile academic and industry representatives who attended, including researchers from many leading universities worldwide as well as industry delegates from companies including Siemens, Continental, Renault, PSA, BMW, Aston Martin, Williams Advanced Engineering, Johnson Matthey, and Comsol.

We are delighted to invite you to join us for the second Battery Modelling Symposium, where we will have presentations from experts in the field including Professor Ralph E. White (University of South Carolina) and Professor Saiful Islam (University of Bath). Full list of speakers

There will also be the opportunity to present your own research at the popular poster session. Full details.

International Symposium on Sodium Ion Batteries.

The NEXGENNA team are organising the International Symposium on Sodium Ion Batteries on 12th February at Lancaster University. Download details of the event, which include talks from NEXGENNA researchers and those from Montpellier, Bordeaux, Barcelona, Uppsala, Faradion and CIC. 

Faraday Co-Sponsors Overseas Workshop on Clean and Affordable Energy and Clean Water

Professor Jawwad Darr from UCL (and member of the battery degradation project), the UPSIGN charity, UKRI, the British Council and the Faraday Institution are supporting a workshop on Clean and Affordable Energy and Water on 11-12 March in Islamabad, Pakistan. This workshop is designed to stimulate new solutions and grant applications between the UK and South East Asian Researchers in areas such as energy storage for off-grid energy, waste-to-energy, etc. Several UK researchers and professionals who are affiliated with the Faraday Institution or UK energy storage will be attending, including Dan Brett, Emma Kendrick, Upul Wijayatha and Ian Ellerington.

Joint Conference with KBIA

Towards our aim of increasing collaboration with research groups overseas the Faraday Institution is seeking to hold a joint conference with KBIA (Korea Battery Industry Association) on the 3rd April in Seoul. Following a previous meeting in early 2019 with Neil Morris and Allan Paterson, the KBIA have indicated a strong interest from their community in our projects on the topics of lithium sulfur batteries, solid-state batteries, new materials discovery and computational chemistry. As such, we will be working with the FI projects to identify a small group of key investigators to present and participate in the event alongside counterparts from South Korean research institutions, with a view to identifying opportunities for future collaboration and funding.

Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining Meeting, Nano4EVs - Energy Storage

The IOM3 Nanomaterials Committee is organising an event on the 5th May to showcase the latest developments in nanomaterials and nanocoatings related to batteries and supercapacitors. Contact organiser. Flyer. Further details.

STFC Early Career Researchers Conference

An event for early career battery researchers is taking place in Abingdon, Oxfordshire on 30-31 March 2020. It aims to bring together PhDs and PDRAs alongside seasoned academics, providing an opportunity to present their work and spark collaborations and discussions in the field of electrochemical energy devices in a relaxed environment. Register and download the abstract template

SElectrochem 2019 Organisation Experience

We encourage our young researchers to organise symposia and workshops. Read a blog post by Daisy Thornton, a second year PhD Researcher, about her experience of organising SElectrochem in September 2019, which helped her to grow as a scientist and increase her researcher identity.

Other Upcoming Events

Do let us know of keynote presentations you giving, particularly at high-profile events. You may be interested in attending the following events involving members of the Faraday Institution:

  • The Materials Research Exchange, 19-20 February, London. At one of the sessions some of the companies involved in Innovate UK collaborative R&D projects will be speaking about their projects and how the Faraday Battery Challenge has helped their progress.
  • Future PowerTrain Conference, 4-5 March, National Motorcycle Museum. 
  • Stephen Gifford, Head of Economics and Market Insights, and Neil Morris, CEO, will present at Bernstein's Electric Revolution 2020: One Step Beyond Conference, 18 March, London.
  • The Battery Show Europe, 28-30 April, Stuttgart. Allan Paterson, Head of Programme Management, will be presenting. 
  • Fully Charged Live, 1-3 May, Farnborough. 

 Presentations at recent conferences

The following members of the Faraday Institution presented at a number of recent conferences:

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