Early career researchers
Early career researchers

At the heart of the Faraday Institution is our pioneering, collaborative research community, of which our Research Fellows make up the core.

Belonging to that community enables frequent opportunities for networking and collaboration, including attending some of our scientific review meetings of over 100 researchers.

Faraday Institution Research Fellows have access to a wide range of battery-related training courses such as these. We are planning to develop a more comprehensive catalogue of courses. Additionally, a mentoring programme is being launched to further support career progression and achievement.

Our projects are fast paced and tackle real-world challenges. That’s why we need to harness the skills of a dynamic and ambitious group of early career researchers.

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Latest Vacancies

Our member universities are hiring around 80 post-doctoral research fellows over the autumn of 2019 and early 2020 to work on our five new research projects. Keep up to date with the latest job vacancies being advertised. Read more...


Entrepreneurial Fellowships

We encourage early career researchers that have made a discovery on a Faraday Institution or closely related project and want to follow that discovery through to commercial reality the opportunity to do so. Read more about our entrepreneurial fellowships. The first four to be awarded are:

Yan Zhao and Ian Campbell (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London), Breathe Battery Technologies.

• Dr Ola Hekselman (Department of Materials, Imperial College London), Solveteq – Sustainable Lead Recycling.

• Jack Nicholas and Tsun Holt Wong (University of Oxford), Qdot – Cutting Edge Heat Transfer Technology.

• Tom Cleaver, and the team at Cognition Energy - a physics-based approach to developing high performance batteries with a particular focus on thermal management to extend life and reduce ownership cost.

Yan Zhao and Ian Campbell (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London), Breathe Battery Technologies
Ola Hekselman
Qdot guys


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