Formation of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

Announcing the members of our community appointed to the EDI Working Group.

The Faraday Institution is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) within its community. We believe this is important, not just because it is right and fair (and the law). It is equally important that we step up in this area as to be successful we must create the environment where everyone feels properly valued, able to contribute fully and where everyone can thrive.

This is essential for the success of for our community: we are a diverse group joined by a common goal, working collaboratively together across multiple disciplines and institutions. We are also working in areas (science, research) where certain demographic groups are not well represented. We need to understand why that is, look at ways to address this and to identify and address where this impacts inclusion within our community. In addition, we need to expand the community and to do this we must attract and retain the best people from across diverse backgrounds.

Led by Susan Robertson, CFO of the Faraday Institution, the newly formed working group will help to develop, lead and monitor EDI strategy across our community. Thank you to everyone who nominated themselves for the working group. We selected the following members of our community to join the group, representing a wide range of projects, institutions and career stages, and including non-academic staff: Zubera Iqbal, Jyoti Ahuja, Amina Benyahia, Haydn Francis, Simon O’Kane, Layla Mehdi, Paul Christensen, Nadia Abdul-Karim, Jawwad Darr and Dhammika Widanalage. We thank each of you for acting in this role. The first meeting of this group will be held at the beginning of July.

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