Our ability to reach our goals is dependent upon our ability to collaborate with a range of world-leading organisations. From industry to academia, from regional government to international partnerships, we are part of a growing network that seeks to transform the world we live in through electrification and energy storage.

International partnerships:

Global Battery Alliance of the World Economic Forum

The Global Battery Alliance seeks to address the challenges of human, health and environmental costs of batteries. As a global collaboration platform, it will catalyse and accelerate action towards a socially responsible, environmentally sustainable and innovative battery value chain to power the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Energy Storage Partnership (ESP), World Bank Group

The ESP comprises the World Bank Group and 29 organisations working together to help develop energy storage solutions tailored to the needs of developing countries.

There is an urgent need to catalyse a new market for batteries and other energy storage solutions that are suitable for electricity grids for a variety of applications and deployable on a large scale. Deploying diverse approaches to energy storage in tandem with strengthening electricity grid infrastructure will create more resilient power systems and bring cost savings to utilities and consumers. That is what the ESP aims to achieve.

The global partnership will complement the World Bank’s $1 billion battery storage investment program announced in September 2018 to significantly scale up support to battery storage projects and raise an additional $1 billion in concessional finance.


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