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The Faraday Institution announces a further £55 million for energy storage research

Media Contact: Louise Gould 01235 425127 (office) 07741 853073 (mobile) Research to focus on industry-defined goals to improve performance of electric vehicles HARWELL, UK (September 4th, 2019) – The Faraday Institution today announced that it will award up to £55 million to five UK-based consortia to conduct application-inspired research to make step changes in…

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Advance in understanding of solid-state batteries

Media Contact: Matthew Howard 01235 425126 (office) 07741 853063 (mobile)   Identifying a battery failure mechanism to engineer a better battery HARWELL, UK (July 29, 2019) – All-solid-state batteries, a battery design composed of all solid components, have gained attention as the next major advance beyond lithium ion batteries because of their potential to…

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The Faraday Institution awards £2m for battery analysis

Media Contact: Louise Gould 01235 425127 (office) 07741 853073 (mobile) Three projects awarded to create new tools for battery researchers at leading UK facilities   HARWELL, UK (15 August 2019) The ability of UK researchers to see deep inside batteries while operating in real time will be greatly enhanced through a series of awards…

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Meet Michael, the Supercomputer Designed to Accelerate UK Research for EV Batteries

Media Contact: Louise Gould 01235 425126 (office) 07741 853073 (mobile)   First research challenges include the fast-charging of batteries, low temperature operation and thermal management of cells within battery packs HARWELL, UK (November 22, 2018) – A new supercomputer designed to speed up research on two of the UK’s most important battery research projects has…

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New CEO Appointed to Lead Faraday Institution’s Battery Revolution

Media Contact: Matt Howard 01235 425126 (office) 07741 853063 (mobile)   Neil Morris Brings Expertise in Business and Operations from the Energy Sector to Energy Storage Research Programme Neil Morris, CEO, Faraday Institution HARWELL, UK (July 30, 2018) – The Faraday Institution today announced the appointment of its new CEO, Neil Morris, to lead the organisation…

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Faraday Institution Announces New Energy Scholarship Programme as Part of Harwell EnergyTec Cluster Launch

Faraday Institution announces a new undergraduate scholarship programme for students of financially and socially disenfranchised backgrounds which will benefit those who wish to pursue science and technology degrees with an emphasis on energy storage science or engineering Harwell EnergyTec Cluster, with the Faraday Institution at its heart, launches today uniting 30 academic, public and private…

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The Faraday Institution Announces Inaugural Board of Trustees

  Distinguished leaders in scientific research, public service, and business will help set agenda for UK programmes in energy storage research HARWELL, UK (February 26, 2018) – Ten notable leaders with deep expertise in research and development, energy storage, the energy sector and auto industry, have formed the inaugural Board of Trustees of the Faraday…

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The Faraday Institution Announces £42 Million for Energy Storage Research

Four projects awarded to ignite a revolution in UK battery research, and address battery challenges faced by industry. The Faraday Institution, a registered charity, is funded in part through government’s £246 million investment in battery technology as part of the Industrial Strategy. LONDON (January 23, 2018) – Today, the Faraday Institution announced up to £42…

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