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The Faraday Institution is the UK’s independent institute for electrochemical energy storage science and technology, supporting research, training, and analysis. We bring together scientists and industry partners on research projects to reduce battery cost, weight, and volume; to improve performance and reliability; and to develop whole-life strategies from mining to recycling to second use.

We are nearing a tipping point: the electric vehicle is becoming the preferred mode of transportation on grounds of efficiency, cost, and environmental footprint. Continued electrification is making a new economy and will reinvent sectors from transport to power generation and distribution and to banking. Electrical storage is the key technology to make this viable.

— Peter B Littlewood, Executive Chair —


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Faraday Battery Challenge

The Faraday Institution is the research vehicle for the ISCF Faraday Battery Challenge, which comprises a £246m commitment over the next 4 years to develop, design and manufacture world-leading batteries in the UK. The programme is split into three separate elements, delivered in parallel, to provide connectivity across research and innovation strands.


The UK is Primed for a Battery Revolution

Of the world's top 10 universities are in the UK
The UK is currently the 4th largest vehicle producer in Europe.
% of UK's total exported goods, totalling £34 B, are cars
UK companies active in the auto sector
Young people enrolled in engineering & manufacturing apprenticeships (2016-17, Semta)
People employed in the UK auto sector and its supply chain
Automobiles produced in the UK in 2017
*2017 data from The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT)

Through the Faraday Battery Challenge, we are cementing the UK’s position as the ‘go-to’ destination for battery technology so we can exploit the global transition to a low carbon economy.

— Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy —

Research Projects

Our first four research projects include 30 industry partners and 20 universities that are passionate about leading Britain's energy future.

Founding Universities

The Faraday Institution unites the expertise and insight from its 7 founding partner universities, along with industry partners and other academic institutions, to accelerate fundamental research to develop battery technologies.

University of OxfordUniversity College LondonThe University of WarwickUniversity of CambridgeImperial College LondonNewcastle UniversityUniversity of Southampton



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